Shocking anti-gay Stories in Russia


The article titled “The 25 most shocking anti-gay stories in Russia so far” gives further insight to the shocking events that have occurred to the LGBT community in Russia. These examples portray how serious this issue of violence against LGBT is in that country. The new propaganda law has pushed the anti-gay issue so far that children’s books have been pulled off of libraries shelves for promoting the slightest but if LGBT equality. Journalist’s freedom of speech is being limited, as they are unable to print anything that promotes gay rights without being fined. LGBT people are being murdered for coming out about their sexual orientation. Protesters are being beaten for expressing their opinions. What is the most shocking is that government officials are all for this violence and many LGBT people who have experiences this violence will not go to the police as they believe that the police will turn a blind eye and do nothing about it. I believe that the violence that is occurring to the LGBT is horrifying and this article is a great portrayal of it. I encourage everyone to read it.

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