Harassment to Transgendered Not Yet Considered a Hate Crime in Canada

The fact that the law doesn’t protect Transgendered Canadians is something that really boggles my mind. The articles, Transgender Canadians Deserve Protection — Why Aren’t They Getting It? Makes a great argument that the U.S. has better laws protecting transgendered individuals. We are a country that prides ourselves over the fact that we support LGBT equality yet our laws are not to the point where that equality can be fully supported. I am happy that the House of Commons have passed bill C-279 nicknamed “The Bathroom Bill” but it still shocks me that this has not been done sooner. Its also shocking that it’s been almost a year since this bill was passed and it has yet to become a law.

As this article states 79 percent of transgendered individuals reported being harassed in some form while attending school. This is a huge issue as it affects their self-esteem as well as their learning. This article also states that 43 percent of trans people surveyed said they had attempted suicide at one point in their lives. This is a huge percentage that needs to be taken into consideration by the government. Canadians need to realize that harassing these people because they are transgendered is wrong. The only way to accomplish this is if it became against the law. By expanding the Canadian Criminal Code to protect gender identity and gender expression by hate crime law would help lower the amount of harassment transgendered individuals face on a regular basis. Canada has come so far in creating equality for the LGBT community but transgender rights have been placed on the back burning. In order for Canadians to remain a country who takes pride in the rights we have for those who are LGBT we need pass the law to establish harassing transgendered individuals as a hate crime.

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