Hopes for Increased Tolerence in Jamaica


According to some human’s rights activists, Jamaica is said to be one of the most homophobic places on earth due to the high levels of violence towards those who are LGBT. Sexual acts between men in this country are punishable with up to ten years imprisonment. However, sexual acts between women are legal. There are no laws in place to protect those who are LGBT from discrimination. One of these major causes to Jamaicans homophobic believes is due to their Catholic religion.

The article “Jamaica’s Gay Tolerance On The Upswing, Growing Push To Repeal Anti-LGBT Law” discusses how equal rights for LGBT is gaining momentum in this country. This article mentions how Jamaica’s current prime minister advocated repealing the law. This was a bold move on the prime ministers part as it risked political suicide but her party actually won the election.

The article also tells the story of a 25-year old gay male who fled to the United States and plans on never returning to Jamaica. He states that while living in Kingston Jamaica he was repeatedly harassed. He also tells the reported how a few of his friends were murdered because they were gay.

This article argues that fact that Jamaicans are homophobic due to the fact that they believe being homosexual is a choice. It is my strong opinion that people are LGBT because they are born that way and the only choice they have in the matter is if they want to come out or not. In order to remove this stigma Jamaicans have towards LGBT they must be further educated on the topic. If Jamaicans can learn to be more understanding towards LGBT then the violence towards them may slow down. I really hope that the prime minister has some luck with repealing the law as that is the first step to giving LGBT equal rights and hopefully will reduce the violence against them.

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