Uganda’s ant-LGBT laws become stricter



This year, Uganda passed a law in which broadens the criminalization of same-sex relations to life in prison if caught. Before this law was passed the maximum sentence was 14 years.

Uganda is a great example of a country whose negative opinions on LGBT are largely influenced by the government. The article titled, “Uganda throws a party to celebrate passing of anti-gay law” addresses this issue through discussing the events of the rally which occurred in celebration of the bill being passed. This article mentions the fact that those living in Uganda are being brainwashed to think LGBT leads to disease 100% of the time. The author also mentions the large number of children who were present for this celebration. This is a huge concern to me as these children are being raised to think that LGBT are horrible people.

What really struck me about this article is the fact that Museveni believes that they do not need U.S. after the country threatened to withdraw. He told the audience Uganda is one of the richest countries in the world. However many people who are struggling to survive in that country due to the lack of access to basic amenities. I also don’t agree with the fact that Museveni is brainwashing the audience to think that Uganda is a free country. Clearly they aren’t if they are refusing to give LGBT the equal rights they deserve. The fact that this law was passed only shows Uganda moving backwards when it comes to freedom. LGBT individuals are not criminals and the Uganda needs to be further educated on this topic in order for them to realize that.

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