Kelly’s Story

When comparing the LGBT rights we have in Canada to the lack of equal rights for this community in other parts of the world Kelly Gilmour feels lucky. She lives in a country where it is legal and excepted for her to love that she wants to love without risking imprisonment or in some cases death.

“I don’t think I should consider myself lucky but I do,” says Kelly. “I happen to be born into a place where I can marry the person I love.

That being said Kelly claims that even though she lives in a country where gay marriage is legal she still faces discrimination. She states that there have been many times where her and her current girlfriend of two years have been mocked and taught for walking down the street holding hands.

She also explains how her coming out processes was also not the easiest. Kelly came out that she was a lesbian when she was in Grade 9. Although she had only came out to those who she felt were her close friends the word soon got out to the whole school. She explains how there was this one girl who found out and she was completely against Kelly being a lesbian. She soon told other girls who shared the same anti-gay view and soon enough girls that Kelly barely knew were coming up to her and harassing her. However, Kelly stood her ground and by the end of grade 10 the harassment eventually stopped. That being said, the harassment she receives is very minor compared to what would have occurred if she lived in a country that had little to no basic humans rights.

“It’s horrible what some LGBT have to experience in a country that is completely against their sexual orientation.” Kelly explains.

Kelly has no desire to ever travel to these countries that do not support LGBT. She believes that traveling to these places supports their economy as well as supports their lack of rights to individuals. Kelly believes that these countries should be cut off from everything until they realize that what they are doing is wrong.

Kelly also beliefs that Canada isn’t as LGBT friendly as they claim to be. She states that although we have come a long way in ensuring that LGBT have the right to marry and be treated the same as non-LGBT but we still have a long way to come when it comes to transgendered rights, which is part of the LGBT umbrella.

“They need to have greater acceptance and better laws when it comes to trans people.”


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