Shocking anti-gay Stories in Russia


The article titled “The 25 most shocking anti-gay stories in Russia so far” gives further insight to the shocking events that have occurred to the LGBT community in Russia. These examples portray how serious this issue of violence against LGBT is in that country. The new propaganda law has pushed the anti-gay issue so far that children’s books have been pulled off of libraries shelves for promoting the slightest but if LGBT equality. Journalist’s freedom of speech is being limited, as they are unable to print anything that promotes gay rights without being fined. LGBT people are being murdered for coming out about their sexual orientation. Protesters are being beaten for expressing their opinions. What is the most shocking is that government officials are all for this violence and many LGBT people who have experiences this violence will not go to the police as they believe that the police will turn a blind eye and do nothing about it. I believe that the violence that is occurring to the LGBT is horrifying and this article is a great portrayal of it. I encourage everyone to read it.

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Russia’s Occupy Pedophilia


In 2013 Russia adapted the federal law banning “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors,” which is one of many anti-LBGT laws adapted or proposed that year. This law makes it illegal to say anything positive about being gay publically, telling a child that there is nothing wrong with being gay and even makes it illegal for children to be raised by gay parents. If those living in Russia violate this law in any way they are faced with hefty fines.

This law proves that life for LGBT people in Russia is only getting worse. Violence against LGBT people has escalated in 2013 and plans to rise even more due to the Olympic games.

To make matters even worse, Russian officials have began to stigmatize homosexuality through stating that they are equal to pedophiles. During a meeting in January at one of the Olympic locations Russia’s president stated that gay people are welcome in Sochi and will be comfortable there but he asked them to “leave the children in peace.”


The reaction from the president is believed and stated by the Human Rights Watch Organization to be irresponsible and extremely dangerous. The fact that officials are claiming that LGBT is linked to pedophilia is only increasing the violence that was already high to begin with. Since late 2012, a group called “Occupy Pedophilia” have been harassing and attacking gay people under the belief that they are fighting pedophilia and protecting children. They accomplish this goal through luring men seeking a same-sex encounter to discreet locations and then abusing them both physically and verbally while recording the proceedings on video. The group then posts the videos on various social networking sites to further humiliate the victim. You can see the abuse being done in the video below which further explains this groups actions.

I believe that if the principle of non-discrimination is a core provision of the Olympic Charter then the Olympics should not be held in countries that do not share the similar belief. The Olympics have only highlighted and brought attention to the abuse LGBT people face on a daily basis but Olympic officials should be doing more to prevent this violent behavior from happening. Through allowing the Olympics to be held in Sochi only shows that the Olympics support the anti-gay laws in Russia which means that they are not supporting what is stated in their charter. I feel that a rule should be put in place that the games should only be held in countries that are free of discrimination which could be an incentive for officials who are in countries with high anti-gay laws to lift them in order to host future games.


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For many Canadians members of the LGBT community, July 20, 2005 is a very memorable day. It was the day that Canada became the first country in the America’s and the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage nation wide after the enactment of the Civil Marriage act.

Canada is most often referred to as one of the most-gay friendly countries in the world so much so that a few of our largest cities, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa even have their own gay villages. Recent polls have indicated that a large majority of Canadians support Same-Sex marriage, which is an awesome fact to know that our country has come so far in supporting equality for the LGBT community.

Growing up in a country that has such huge support for those who are LGBT has had a great impact on my view to those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. I never once considered them as an outsider as it is my personal belief that you can’t control whom you are attracted to. When I was 15 years old one of my good friends came out to me. I remember how nervous she was to tell me that she liked the same sex and I remember assuring her that I would never judge her for whom she liked and I will support her through every step of her coming out process. Since I was 15 I have witnessed the struggles many of my friends had to face through being LGBT. Although Canada is thought to be gay friendly, the LGBT community still face discrimination from time to time.

However the even though the LGBT community isn’t perfect in Canada those living in this country who are LGBT have it easier compared to some countries in the world.  The fact that I live in a country where gay rights for the most part are accepted and I still witness my friends go through struggles due to their sexual orientation makes me think how much worse their lives would be if they lived in a country where gay rights are not accepted at all. For this reason I was inspired to create a blog which analyses current gay rights across the globe. This blog will focus on the abuse and discrimination many LGBT face world wide due to their sexual orientation.

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